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My first gremlin bell
(My first Gremlin Bell)

Back in August of 1998 I received my first Gremlin Bell from a friend when I brought home a brand new motorcycle.  I had never heard of Gremlin Bells or the story of evil road spirits before that time and I found the story very touching.

In 1999 I formed a motorcycle group called the Reigning Stars.  It was a group of about 100 riders from Oregon & Washington that got together fairly regularly to ride and share our common love for motorcycles.  I met a lot of great people and really enjoyed the friendships that we formed over the years.  A lot of our group members did not have a Gremlin Bell, so my wife Becky and I did our best to make sure that everyone received one as a gift.  When the demand for bells reached a point where we couldn't afford to give them away anymore, we went on a search for less expensive bells.

Finding inexpensive bells was a bit tricky as we soon found out.  We didn't want to shell out $30.00+ for a bell that stood a very good chance of getting lost or damaged in the course of daily riding.  To us at least, the tradition was much more important than the cost or design of the bell itself, so a hunt for sturdy, attractive and inexpensive bells was underway...

After several months of searching we found a supplier that could provide us several hundred bells at a time at a reasonable discount, so we put them up for sale on our motorcycle group's website so that anyone - not just our MC group's members - could get the bells from us.  We bought the bells in bulk to keep our costs down and we only offered one type of Gremlin Bell at that time (a small brass bell).  Becky basically volunteered her time to process orders and keep the tradition going.

In 2001 Becky and I bought the domain names gremlinbells.com & motorcyclebells.com and moved the bells from our motorcycle group's website to their own website.  The number of orders we were getting at the time made it worth the extra expense of a dedicated website and allowed us to expand our selection.  We started offering discounts to motorcycle groups and dealerships so that anyone could get a Gremlin bell at a reasonable price.

Today we send out several hundred bells every month to individuals and dealerships around the world.  You can find our Gremlin bells in motorcycle, leather and accessory shops in just about every state in the US and a few countries abroad.  We continue to strive to keep our costs down and pass that savings on to our customers.  It is important to us to keep the tradition going.

Thank you to everyone for making Gremlin Bells what it is today.  We would also like to send out a special thanks to our friend Tracy for giving us our first Gremlin Bell and introducing us to this wonderful tradition.  Who knew at the time how much it would influence our lives...

- Gary & Becky Spetzler

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